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A Report on a Terrible Crime

Hello, my name is Emem, and I live in Birmingham, UK. I have been reporting stalking and harassment since 2015, and the misuse of braintech since 2018, but my progress has been slowed by a number of things, such as interference from the people I'm reporting, lack of precedent and lack of public knowledge of the issue.


With the recent advent of films like 'Sound of Metal' featuring a wired version of one such technology for application with deaf people, and media reports on development of brain technologies (such as beginning human clinical trials in 2022, it has become a lot easier to report as it's more widely understood.

I have been aware since April 2016 that there is much more advanced brain technology than featured in 'Sound of Metal', i.e. wireless reading of thought processes, and it is being illegally and unethically applied, but it was so unknown back then it was a minefield to even begin to report it. When I discovered the news about Stentrode in July 2022 (it was reported in the media as long ago as 2020 but I missed the initial reports), I realised it was exactly what I have been describing since 2018, so I put a couple of the news articles in the reports (folder 26).

I have been reporting that some of the technologies are much more advanced than reported in the news, and are already being applied illegally to a nonconsenting subject (namely me), in a manner that amounts to torture, attempted slavery, and terrorism really. I have been reporting for so long that I have managed to compile an introductory letter, a list of enclosed documents, and other such documentation, available in the 'reports' page of this website.

I started out by sending paper documents to postal addresses but as the number of documents grew this became impractical and I eventually decided to use Dropbox for online access to information, before eventually creating my own website for the reports. The Dropbox link to the same information as the 'reports' page of this website (in case you prefer Dropbox), is

All the documents on the website and in Dropbox are free and downloadable, so if you prefer to read them offline you can download them to read at your leisure.


In light of local police inaction I feel like I need to keep informing people and hopefully something will eventually come of it. The 'reports' page contains an introductory letter, a list of enclosed documents and 29 numbered folders, labelled according to the information they contain. At first glance perhaps folders 1, 2, 12a, 23, 26 and 29 would be of particular interest. Yet more correspondence exists, but I only included what's necessary to understand the situation. This is because the priority is more the criminal activity that is leading to the correspondence, i.e. the abuse and illegal use of the braintech. In other words including more correspondence at this stage would not contribute to solving the crime.

The shortest summary of the compilation of documents is that I ran into unrelated difficulty due to a misunderstanding, and then a group began furtively taking advantage of that difficulty to begin illegal use of braintech technology, but I improved my circumstances enough to be able to report them, though it's been difficult due to lack of precedent. Had I been in permanent difficulty, or had it been a few years ago, before the technology began to feature in the media, it would likely have been impossible, as I wouldn't have been believed.

I keep a logfile (not included in the site) called 'People Perpetrators Log', which details what I know about the perpetrators, either from my own observations or from what they have said to me. The document is probably best considered a suggestion of leads to follow for professionals in a position to investigate, rather than to be shared with the public. I do share it in private, for instance when making reports to the police. Viewed as a whole one can be certain of some broad generalities, but pulling the strands together and following up on the various leads requires investigation, which I as the victim cannot do. The document would be of major help in narrowing the pool of suspects should anyone be in a position to investigate.


It's safe to assume everyday people would not have access to the braintech technologies described, which leads me to suppose at least one of the offenders would have to be in a position to access and distribute the technology and its interface. Were I to be in a position to investigate I would be looking at whoever would have access to such technologies first, or developers of the technology, such as computer engineers.

It is very difficult to live a normal life the way I do despite trying to raise awareness of a terrible crime, or rather a terrible wider situation overall, but then again I didn't choose to fall victim to a terrible crime, so from my perspective I'm simply doing what I have to, to extricate myself from the situation and ensure others don't suffer a similar fate in future. The reports you read here have been building for years, I didn't write them overnight, but despite the volume of correspondence you'll be glad to have been informed I think. A crime cannot be solved until it is acknowledged, and as the brain tech is currently only being reported as in early development it's difficult to explain that some people have a very advanced version of it and have been using it on people against their will - or on me at least, although where there's smoke there's fire, there could be or have been others, I wouldn't know. Knowledge is beneficial in itself, if not for anything else.


I want people to be informed about how deeply criminal the offenders' activities are, and to acclimatise to the fact that a group of people have together done something too despicable for words, that is yet to be exposed. I have informed a lot of people so far, but at this stage there is a triple problem of a) informing relevant people b) locating the offenders, due to the fact they are using radio transmission, bluetooth and wifi etc for their auditory assault, i.e. non-visible to the victim c) the wall of silence from people who may be worried about getting into trouble themselves for aiding and abetting, or at the very least failure to report (which isn't a crime but it's not very commendable either), or be attacked in turn if the offenders are still at large when they report. Were the offenders to be safely in prison and unable to reach anyone I'm sure there would be a deluge of reports against them.

The local police aren't doing anything for or against me, they've basically taken no action, which is terrible because I'm being assaulted daily. If the situation isn't resolved surely they need to take action to prevent the assault by some means or other, so I'm having a very hard time of it because if you report something and no action is taken it's like you're being treated like a second class citizen, and I've done nothing to deserve such treatment, or rather indifference to the pain and suffering caused. I have three degrees and no criminal record, but even were this not to be the case sustained assault could never be justified. For me to say I've done nothing to deserve such treatment is meaningless, as no one deserves what is happening to me, and in fact this doesn't usually happen to anyone because people usually go to prison for it, rather than being left to their own devices to make a lifestyle of it.

I hope you can at the very least be informed that inhumane criminals have been taking advantage of the gap between the existence of something and public knowledge of it, to abuse and exploit a member of the public against his will for personal gratification. On reading the information you're welcome to contact me should you feel you might be able to contribute to bringing the abusers to justice, or contact the police wherever you are on my behalf.

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