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Equal access

Members of the public should have access to the same essential facilities. Either we should all have them or no one should have them. For instance when it comes to weapons. America celebrates the right to bear arms; this applies to everyone. In general, carrying weapons in the UK is illegal, we generally don’t have them. To give weaponry to one group and not to another is corrupt, so we all don’t have them. Utilising a technology that enables people to read someone’s thought processes and speak to people in their houses, and using that technology to torture and abuse innocent members of the public, is corrupt and cruel, and whoever enabled one group to use such a technology against anyone else in a free and fair society should be penalised as corrupt, wicked and cruel. Of course the better idea would be for no one to have it rather than for everyone to have it, but the way it’s currently being utilised by a few against others is unethical. Slavery was in part enabled by the slavers superior guns, the weaponry they brought with them that enabled them to conquer and enslave the indigenous peoples. The technology I am currently reporting is being utilised by a small group in the same manner, fuelled by greed and an attempt to gain an unfair advantage over the rest of society that quite frankly they don’t deserve, and which should not be tolerated. That any group is wielding such a technology no one else has access to is the very essence of bias. If we’re all equal then how are they able to attack other members of the public with a technology we don’t have? And why is no one doing anything about that?

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