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Last night

Last night at the beginning and end of the night I was tortured via sleep deprivation for hours resulting in only four hours sleep, verifiable with my wrist watch sleep monitor. The rest of the time I was lying in bed being forced awake by people speaking to me remotely, always the same people, while unable to stop them, telling them to shut up, and having them malevolently say things into my ear to prevent me drifting off. I had to make an appointment today and was so angry I berated them, wherever they may be, but not for too long as I had to make my appointment. I smacked my open palm into the drywall three times as I did so, I was so furious, and the third time I broke through it, leaving an imprint the size of my hand, as the attached picture shows. I had to leave it that way and get ready for the appointment, but will need to get a plasterer in to repair the damage.

The abusers don’t care, the authorities don’t care. I’ve said all I have to say about this issue, and done my level best to tell everyone about it. I’m here doing nothing wrong from day to day, except for reporting something it is the responsibility of the police to uncover and put a stop to. My reports are unequivocal, comprehensive and clear, and leave a trail as long as your arm for the police to follow if they would only take the time to do so. In their absence malicious people are able to creep into the vicinity with no one even looking for them or trying to stop them, and engage in vile and disgusting behaviours towards me.

It is murder, there is nothing else I could do or say, it is slow murder and I’m being left here to die in this way so they can then investigate the death and make up some lies about it. I even made all my reports public, no one can be bothered to read them, no one can be bothered to engage, and I’m being allowed to be horribly abused and will likely eventually die. By this point the abusers would be on attempted murder charges anyway so what do they care if it’s murder or not. However how could the public stand by and let this happen, how could anyone who knows me or knows of me stand by and let this happen.

I’ve been getting ready to go into the town centre to tell passersby about it, like a busker, as no one I email about the matter will do anything about it, and I think before anything happens to me it should be unquestionably clear that numerous people were aware of what I was reporting, so no one can say it was a surprise because I didn’t say anything and they weren’t aware of the severity of the abuse, which seems to be the angle the people currently aware of the situation are planning to take, police included. Evil triumphs when good people do nothing, for eight years I really couldn’t have been clearer. Once I begin to directly tell the public what happened and is happening, I will continue to do so until the day I die, which unfortunately may not be that far off.

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