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No one will ever love you

Abusers undervalue people in an attempt to gain more influence over them, putting other people down to make themselves seem acceptable in comparison. The people abusing me have attempted to do this with other people, and are always doing it with me. For instance they’ve said of people they know me to like, ‘no one likes her’, ‘she’s a mental age of 15’, ‘she’s a mental illness’, ‘she’s an old fool’, and so on. It’s basically the concept of divide and rule where you set people against each other so you get all the attention directed your way and gain advantage from that. Knowing this about the abusers I don’t listen to any disparaging comments they might make about anyone else, I prefer to hear from the horse’s mouth.

The abusers are rejected, people don’t want to be around them, and rightly so, as simply talking when other people are masturbating would be more than enough to put you off anyone for life, what a disgusting thing to do. To reiterate, the three main things the abusers do, of which talking when I’m masturbating is a subcategory, are a) remotely reading someone’s thought processes without their consent, I surmise transcribed to text for easier understanding b) talking to someone in their private space which they shouldn’t have access to without their consent c) waking someone up frequently during the night, which is sleep deprivation and amounts to physical abuse.

They attempt to reduce the impact of this crime by limiting who I socialise with, and the means by which they attempt to do this is ‘divide and rule’, where they desperately try to set people against me so they aren’t committing crimes against them also and therefore accountable for more than if they were only causing an offence to me. In addition in the absence of anyone else they are free to practice their perversions on me, as no one will ever love me. They degrade me in private, and try to set other people against me in public, hoping the combination of the two will serve to reduce my confidence and simultaneously make others suspicious of me, essentially so we never come together and find common ground on which to chase the abusers away.

However they are no reasonable substitute for anyone else, they are inferior people, and I can’t accept them on any terms, they simply aren’t good enough. If I found my value reduced to the point I had to be around any of these people permanently lacking the ability to effectively protest the abuse I’d probably shoot myself; the six years I’ve had to put up with this nonsense for is bad enough as it is. I have never talked when anyone’s masturbating, I have never said the disgusting things these people say, I have never derived pleasure from anyone else’s suffering, I have never tortured anyone mercilessly; I think people ought to be rewarded for the effort they put into life, at the very least in freedom of association with like-minded individuals without interference from anyone else.

We work to better ourselves for a higher standard of living, which includes the range of people we get to meet and talk to and basically improve our reputation and standing and all the rest of it. It isn’t right by any standards that I would get three degrees, be nice to everyone, do my best at everything, work hard to achieve as much as possible, only to have a bunch of sickos circumvent all of that by gaining access to me remotely in order to set about reducing my value so they’re the only people left around me and I have to consider them (although like I say, I wouldn’t), likely people who never worked a day in their lives and don’t give a damn about anyone or anything else. If I work for all of it, why don’t they? If I have to keep to certain standards in the community, why don’t they? If I have to take no for an answer and do better next time, why don’t they? Its slavery all over again, not even thinly disguised, it’s actually genuine open and obvious slavery all over again. People who don’t make an effort shouldn’t be around people who do simply because they have a technology to be able to talk to them whenever they feel like it, it’s unfair on all of us, particularly me and others whom I would be socialising with if these idiot nuisances weren’t getting in the way. No one wants them, they are rejects, and there is no reason for them to be able to talk to me remotely when in fact no one else accepts stalking rapists either, they should have left me out of it and talked to each other instead. The very fact they’re trying to drag an outsider into their band of misfits is a sign there’s something wrong with it, testimony to the fact that nobody wants to roll with rapists, so to speak.

If I was to give in and be accepting of people who are doing what these people do, I would actually end up being rejected by everyone else, because their values aren’t in keeping with the values I learned in school, college and university, they’re supporting constant abuse and disgusting intrusive behaviour, and worst of all a total disregard for consent, something I couldn’t possibly support because it’s antithetical to the values of our society. They therefore aren’t people I could realistically consider even if I were inclined to, as if you fall in with seedy disgusting people you end up tarnished by association. Yet somehow these people have managed to continue to speak to me remotely for several years without intervention, circumventing the usual course of things and trying to get me to accept the impossible. I obviously choose regular society instead.

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