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Out of sight, out of mind

The abusers frequently say things to me like ‘you’re annoying’ or ‘we’re feeling hatred’ or ‘they wanted you to struggle’. Oftentimes I’ll be silently going about my business with nothing much happening besides and they’ll suddenly say ‘you offended them’ or ‘they were annoyed’ or ‘they have a problem with you’, constantly trying to artificially imbue the situation with hatred, negativity and aggression, even when there isn’t anything happening to give rise to such vitriol. It’s a constant malevolence that is difficult to live with. Stalkers try to create relationships and connections with people they don’t know, and one such way to do that is creating hatred. A victim of stalking doesn’t want to be embroiled in conflict with a stalker, they want nothing more than to live their lives in peace unconnected and unconcerned by the stalker. A stalker tries to create resentment and anger as the easiest emotions to draw from an unwilling victim who has no natural connection to them, finding any sort of attention preferable to anonymous obscurity.

I never wanted to be drawn into conflict with the people stalking me, I don’t know them, and would rather live my life in peace without being forced to anger by people I have no business with and wouldn’t ordinarily hear from or have knowledge of. Were the stalkers to be of the same mindset they could go away and do something else, and soon there would be nothing to discuss or feel strongly about. Restraining orders achieve this; separation of any kind achieves this, once absent for a while people begin to fade from memory and are replaced by the immediate and ever-present; it happens naturally as people care most about the day to day. I can’t get away from the stalkers or I would do in a heartbeat. If they weren’t speaking to me I wouldn’t speak to them. So for them to spy on my home to watch the minutiae of my everyday life to the intrusive degree that they are, and then express the hatred and jealousy and suchlike that they are supposedly consumed with while doing so, is disingenuous, when they needn’t be watching or speaking to me at all. It’s especially disingenuous that they used to encourage others to divert their focus to me too, many of whom I’m sure had never even heard of me before being approached by the stalkers attempting to develop artificial interest in me, in order to generate an audience with which to perpetuate their stalking. If you don’t water a plant it will die, and since their initial efforts many people have come to see I’m simply a member of the public minding his business and have turned their back on this group that creates problems deliberately in order to then talk about them, it is destructive behaviour that doesn’t deserve attention. There are now much fewer stalkers still stalking me on a daily basis, still trying to generate some sort of connection, albeit a negative one, by talking about their resentment and suchlike when it’s perfectly clear that if they went away and didn’t stick their noses in my business all the time they wouldn’t have any information on my activities and lifestyle or anything else to pretend to feel strongly about. In other words, it’s a self-induced problem as I personally don’t know them and don’t particularly care what they get up to, so they’re lying when they stalk me of their own volition in order to then desperately attempt to find things to talk about or criticise.

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