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Racists prefer thugs

Uncivilised people aren’t in control of their behaviour, and people who can’t control their behaviour are more akin to savages than civilised people, in the minds of many. A civilised society values civilised behaviour, prioritising communication, discussion, co-operation and negotiation over brute force, coercion and physical strength. This is particularly true in a society where much of the workforce is less dependent on physical ability and a lot of work uses softer skills, which also come into play in conflict resolution. Equality is easier when we utilise skills available to all to solve issues, rather than those that favour only the physically capable, and this view is supported in law, where the threat of force is only applied when the law is broken. In theory therefore if you’re doing and saying the right things, there never need be any great conflict.

Some people like people to lose their temper because they can’t themselves (like a dancing bear, like King Kong), particularly because someone in the throes of anger is less reasonable, which can be amusing for some, particularly if the anger is impotent as the cause or instigator is out of reach. Another scenario that can be amusing for some is when someone lashes out at someone other than the original instigator in anger and an innocent party comes to harm instead. On a more sinister note, racists like ethnic minorities to behave unreasonably because it perpetuates the myth of the unreasonable black savage, lacking self control, purely instinctual and a slave to his whims and desires. Putting a black man in this position enables the racist to take the lofty, cerebral, civilised and sophisticated position he feels is more befitting to his race and sophistication. Somewhat paradoxically, a racist is likely to ally and secretly approve of people who are already that way naturally, i.e. natural savages, or ‘ratchet’ people if you will, to use slang terminology, because they reinforce the racial stereotype of the uncivilised minorities, and because the fear they generate could possibly drive otherwise liberal, inclusive people into the racist fold.

In other words, the actions of the stereotypically wild uncivilised ethnic minorities perpetuate racism by serving as some of the examples racists highlight as evidence of their racial superiority, and therefore some racists covertly approve of and encourage anyone who fits the racial stereotype, as the fear resulting from their behaviour might drive regular open-minded, tolerant people into the racist fold. Without the savages there would be nothing to suggest superiority after all, they serve a purpose. It’s possible that when racists see civilised minorities they try to tear them down to fit the ratchet stereotype, as civilised minorities are indistinguishable from the civilised majority, and racists prefer that there be a noticeable difference.

Naturally savage minorities, the small number who really do fit the negative stereotypes, wicked thieving money-grubbing materialistic, hard-hearted, self serving minorities, the sort of people the stereotypes developed around, of course approve wholeheartedly of the deliberate disintegration of minority character into squabbling griping savages of no consequence, because of course, they couldn’t tell the difference to begin with, and who do those uppity ethnics think they are anyway, they ain’t no better than us. Hence thugs really won’t do anything to promote black, Asian, Indian or indeed any other ethnic or cultural excellence; and racists secretly prefer thugs, and try to create them whenever possible.

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